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Best Year Blueprint Agreement

What should this Agreement says

Included in the Program: There are 3 levels to the program – Gold, Platinum and Diamond.  Client has read what comes with each level as was shown on the cart page, where client’s deposit was made.  Also, Client has read the Agreement on the cart page.

I agree that by completing and signing this Application form I am committing to a full year of
the Best Year Blueprint.

I understand and commit to working with Derek in total integrity, honesty and

While Emerging Edge Media, Inc. guarantees the quality of the program, I understand that results will vary, depending on individual’s level of commitment and engagement, therefore specific outcomes cannot be guaranteed.

I understand and agree that, by completing and signing this Agreement, I authorize Emerging Edge Media, Inc.’s representative or Derek Rydall to charge my credit card(s) or cash my cashier’s check or personal check for the deposit at the participation rate described, based on my selected investment option for my inclusion in the IMPACT Program.

I understand that I need to pay a deposit to secure my spot in the IMPACT Program. This deposit is refundable within 3 business days from the date of my deposit or payment.  I understand that there are no cancellations for this program once the 3-day period has expired.

I understand that any request for a refund “must be in writing” and emailed to:  No other form of communication will be honored.

I further understand that there are no refunds honored for anyone who has refunded previously 50% or more of their purchases.  In addition, there are no refunds for anyone who has filed a dispute or chargeback for any reason, for any program.

I understand that there are no exceptions to this Refund Policy.

The remaining balance is due within 10 business days from the date indicated below if making a full payment.

I understand that the balance of the payment(s) will be made by Cashier’s Check or Wire Transfer (add $30 for wire payments).  Credit Card or PayPal payments are for deposit only and carry a 3% fee.  Any subsequent Credit Card payments would need to be approved.  If approved, client agrees to honor any and all payments and not to file any chargebacks or dispute for the amount of payment(s).

I understand that if I choose a monthly payment plan, the first full payment, less the deposit will be due within 10 ‘business’ days of the date of my deposit and subsequent payments for the balance begin one month from the date of the first full payment and are due every 30 days thereafter until paid in full.

FURTHERMORE, I agree that I am responsible for the full payment of fees for the year-long program of my choice, regardless of whether I actually attend or complete the program, and regardless of whether I have selected a lump sum or monthly payment plan.

TO FURTHER CLARIFY, no refunds will be issued and all monthly payments must be paid on a timely basis and no monies collected will be refunded for any reason. If a monthly payment becomes more than 30 days late, the entire balance becomes due and payable immediately at day 31.

I understand that if it is determined by Derek Rydall that there appears to be an issue between
client and Derek or Derek feels that this is not a good fit, he has at his sole discretion, to
terminate this Agreement. If full payment has been made, the payment will be prorated and
any money due will be refunded to the client.

I agree to utilize Emerging Edge Media, Inc. services with the full understanding that Derek Rydall, Emerging Edge Media, Inc., their employees, volunteers and directors are in no way responsible or liable for their decisions, actions and their outcomes. I also agree to hold Derek Rydall, Emerging Edge Media, Inc., their employees, employees, volunteers and directors free of all liability and responsibility for any adverse situations created as a direct or indirect result of a specific referral, advice given, or any actions taken while working with or as a result of working with Emerging Edge Media, Inc., and Derek Rydall.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  Client agrees to hold confidential all goings on in this group and not share information about another member of the group with anyone in or out of the group.  Client realizes that this is a sacred space for all members and is to be held in strict confidence since personal issues may be related by any given member for the purpose of healing and growth.

Emerging Edge Media, Inc., holds this group and each client in confidence and discussions will not be held about any group member outside of this group.  While Emerging Edge Media, Inc.’s team members may have access to peoples’ names and postings on the Facebook Group and are allowed to listen to all programs audios as part of their training about our programs, they are being held to the same restrictions as any member of the group.

Client has read all of the above when purchasing as it was on the order page.

Client has been accepted into this program by making a deposit payment.

By making this deposit or payment, I state that I have read and understand the above terms of this Agreement and agree to same.